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It’s one of the greatest things you’ll ever do for yourself.





We know why.

Don’t forget Charlie Sheen. He’s been arrested for domestic violence at least six times and shot a woman. With a gun. And he’s still got a career.

Sean Penn tied Madonna to a chair and beat her. Fuck him. Fuck all of them.

Michael Fassbender
Matthew Fox
John Lennon
Paul McCartney
Ringo too I’m pretty sure
Phil Spector, although he’s now in jail for killing a lady he beat on Ronnie Spector for years and still got into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
Axl Rose
Vince Neil
Sean Penn
Charlie Sheen
Jim Morrison tried to set fire to his girlfriend
Stephen Segal
Tommy Lee
Ozzy Osbourne
Mickey Rourke
Bill Murray
Gary Busey
Tom Sizemore
Christian Slater
James Caan
Josh Brolin
Edward Furlong
I could go on.
The point isn’t that the men on the left don’t deserve everything bad they have coming to them.  The point is where the fuck is all the outrage when the men on the right do it.  So many of our pop culture heroes are abusers and nobody seems to care.
Like, even if we’re gonna stick to the NFL, Ben Roethlisberger patiently sat out his six game suspension for rape and continued on with his career with little outrage. 
If we’re really going to care now about ostracizing perpetrators of domestic violence, we got a lotta slack to pick up.

yeah, we definitely know why…

i think i’m gonna tell you everything

i wonder what you’re doing for the rest of your life


Did we just break into a military base to investigate a rabbit?

I’ve been active in my life more so on Instagram than on here. I hope to come back to the tumblr life but literally my blog is fandom related and I’m so behind on everything that I know tumblr would spoil it for me. So until I catch up on life, you can catch up with me via IG if you’d like: sunshinemelody is the name of the game. Hope to see some of you there in the meantime!

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When a kid tells a stupid joke



a little doodle before the episode tonight \o/
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I’ve been MIA, but I’m hoping to come back full-fledged and roaring like an animal in the wild!

However, before I head off to bed for the night, I was wondering if tumblr could help me out with something? It would be amazing.

I just want to go back to school. But there’s no money to go back to school and so I’m trying to fund-raise it any way that I can. I’m using GoFundMe as my fundraiser and it seems like an awesome idea that I honestly wish that I thought myself! But if you can help, thank you. Really. Honestly. Thank you. Again.

Click me to donate!

Also, I don’t know what to do as reward levels for donations, anyone have any ideas?


The Wolf Of Wall Street, Martin Scorsese